More about the Netherlands

The Netherlands

More about the Netherlands

The name ‘Holland’ or ‘the Netherlands’ often conjures up images of tulips, cheese and windmills. These associations are not exactly wrong - tulip bulbs and cheese are two important Dutch exports and you will still see windmills that have been preserved. Today, the Netherlands, often nicknamed ‘the gateway to Europe’ is one of the world’s most prosperous countries with advanced industries and agriculture, world trade, and large natural gas reserves. Leiden University was its first founded university in the Netherlands and has summer courses in both Leiden and The Hague.

The Netherlands or Holland?

The formal name of the country is the Netherlands. Holland is the name of the western part of the country. During your time as a student at Leiden University you will enjoy living in a dynamic, cosmopolitan and multi-cultural community in the Netherlands’ third largest city - right in Europe’s heart.

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